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Mesothelioma Treatment News; Medical, Legal and Legislative Stories

As advocates for asbestos victims, the attorneys at Brayton Purcell keep up–to–date on medical, legal, and legislative issues that affect mesothelioma patients and their families. Bookmark this page for the latest information about mesothelioma treatment and diagnosis, asbestos in the home and workplace, funding for mesothelioma centers, and halting asbestos exposure. For earlier news articles, see Mesothelioma News Archive.

Medical Articles:

September 28, 2007
Certain Mesothelioma Patients Living Longer with Chemotherapy
August 17, 2007
School of Public Health Heads Study on Iron Range Miners and Mesothelioma
June 29, 2007
Six More Minnesota Iron Range Miners Have Mesothelioma
June 15, 2007
Study Confirms Usefulness of Pemetrexed (Alimta®) As Mesothelioma Treatment
April 20, 2007
Minnesota Iron Miners Developed Mesothelioma
March 30, 2007
Measuring Mesothelin in Effusions May Be Useful in Mesothelioma Diagnosis, Study Suggests
March 16, 2007
Asbestos More Likely to Cause Mesothelioma in Men Than in Women, Study Suggests
February 23, 2007
FDA Approves MESOMARK® Assay Test for Detecting Mesothelioma
February 16, 2007
Combination of Pemetrexed and Cisplatin Improves the Survival Rate of Mesothelioma Patients
February 9, 2007
Onconase® Granted Orphan Drug Status for Mesothelioma Treatment
January 5, 2007
Pemetrexed May Be Helpful in the Treatment of Peritoneal Mesothelioma, Case Study Suggests
November 22, 2006
Alimta® (Pemetrexed) Study Indicated Drug’s Effectiveness in Treating Pleural Mesothelioma
July 28, 2006
Statins May Help Pleural Mesothelioma Cells Respond to Chemotherapy Drug Doxorubicin
June 2, 2006
Surgery Plus Chemotherapy May Help Peritoneal Mesothelioma Patients
April 21, 2006
Sequential Chemotherapy Regime Showed Promise in Treating Mesothelioma Patients, According to New Study
March 31, 2006
Clinical Trial Looks at Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment with Pemetrexed (Alimta®) Plus Carboplatin (Paraplatin®)
March 24, 2006
Study Pinpoints Distribution of Mesothelioma in US
February 24, 2006
Early Chemotherapy Benefits Mesothelioma Patients
December 16, 2005
Montana Study Shows Mesothelioma Cases Follow Railroad Lines
October 21, 2005
Osteopontin Shows Promise as Marker for Detecting Pleural Mesothelioma
October 14, 2005
Study Shows Improvement in Pleural Mesothelioma Patients Treated with Cisplatin Plus Raltitrexed
September 30, 2005
MARF To Hold Second International Symposium On Malignant Mesothelioma
August 5, 2005
Mesothelioma Patients Being Recruited for Sorafenib Study
July 8, 2005
Naturally Occurring Asbestos May Increase Mesothelioma Risk, Study Suggests
May 11, 2005
New Mesothelioma Blood Test Now Available
April 01, 2005
Effect of IMRT Radiation Following the Mesothelioma Surgery Known as “Extrapleural Pneumonectomy”
April 01, 2005
Onconase® Granted Orphan Drug Status for Mesothelioma Treatment in Australia
December 03, 2004
Mesothelioma Treatment Using A Combination of Surgery and Chemotherapy

October 1, 2004
Gemcitabine and Cisplatin May Improve Outcome of Surgery for Mesothelioma Patients, Study Suggests
August 6, 2004
Australian Researchers Report on New Mesothelioma Drug, SBP002
July 16, 2004
Study Reviews Complications of Mesothelioma Surgery
June 25, 2004
Clinical Trial Shows Promise for Veglin In Fighting Tumors
May 28, 2004
Research on Surgery in Treating Mesothelioma
April 9, 2004
Cancer Center to Treat Mesothelioma Patients Exposed to Vermiculite
March 26, 2004
Newly Approved Colorectal Cancer Drug Now in Clinical Trial for Mesothelioma Patients
February 13, 2004
FDA Approves Sale of Mesothelioma Drug Alimta®
December 12, 2003
Distinguishing Mesothelioma From Lung Adenocarcinoma Through MUC4 Analysis
November 21, 2003
Scientists Working on Blood Test to Detect Mesothelioma
October 3, 2003
Positron Emission Tomography Indicated Spread of Pleural Mesothelioma
September 12, 2003
EPA Downplayed Post–9/11 Asbestos and Other Safety Hazards in NYC, Report Says
September 5, 2003
Radiotherapy and Surgery in Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment
August 22, 2003
Pemetrexed (Alimta®) Plus Cisplatin Shows Continuing Promise in Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment
July 3, 2003
Use of Mediastinoscopy to Determine Whether Mesothelioma Tumors Have Spread
June 13, 2003
Gemcitabine and Carboplatin May Prove Helpful in Mesothelioma Treatment
May 5, 2003
New Ways to Approach Mesothelioma Diagnosis
April 18, 2003
Foscan–Mediated PDT and Surgery May Prove Helpful for Mesothelioma Patients
March 7, 2003
Growth Factors in Mesothelioma Cell Lines Studied
February 14, 2003
Study Shows Raltitrexed Alone May Be Helpful in Mesothelioma Treatment
January 24, 2003
Raltitrexed and Oxaliplatin Evaluated in Mesothelioma Treatment


February 18, 2005
W.R. Grace Accused of Hiding Asbestos Health Problems
May 30, 2003
EPA Issues Vermiculite Insulation Warning
March 10, 2003
Asbestos Victims Can Sue for Stress Due to Cancer Fears


January 14, 2005
Specter Wants To Finish Asbestos Bill By Early February

July 23, 2004
Update on Asbestos Legislation
May 14, 2004
Talks on Frist/Hatch Asbestos Bill End Without Agreement
April 27, 2004
Hatch/Frist Asbestos Bailout Bill Stalled in Senate
September 5, 2003
Hatch Asbestos Bill to Go Before Senate; Annotated Text of Bill Provided
August 22 2003
Asbestos Bill, S.B. 1125, Is a Sham, Construction Worker Says
August 15, 2003
S.B. 1125 Deprives Asbestos Victims of Due Process, Asbestos Claimants’ Committee Says
July 31, 2003
Texas Bills Harmful to Asbestos Victims
July 7, 2003
Hatch Bill Provides Inadequate Protection for Asbestos Victims
June 6, 2003
Bill Reintroduced to Ban Asbestos, Set Up Mesothelioma Registry


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