Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pinay Scandal Revealed!

Today I am revealing some "Pinay Scandal" - no it's not about me and my adventures/mis-adventures, ohh gosh I got too much scandals already here in my blog.

What Am talking about is "Pinay Scandal" by Marhgil Macuha. Originally it is an SEO contest. I didn’t think it would catch fire until according to Pinoy Ambisyoso, many posted comments on his Pinay Scandal post, and are interested to join this campaign. Get started now - this was simply similar to the Viral Tags that went around and got me right at the bottom - before I knew it, my ratings on Technorati and Alexa has jumped 10-fold! This campaign will generate tons of traffic from Pinoys searching for a piece of something.. and guess what? We just changed the Google Trend for this keyword. They’ll find your blog instead!! Haha!

I will make serial updates to this post adding those that will join the campaign. Let’s continue the experiment and see where it takes us… Goodluck bloggers! Let us change the

The Pinay Scandal Hitlist posted below.

1. Wanna know the latest trend about Pinay Scandal? by Dexter of Tech At Hand
2. Pinay Scandal… The Issue by Darang Sisa
3. Pinay Scandal by Almer Viloria
4. Google Suggested Pinay Scandal by Ada
5. Pinay Scandal by Ada
6. Pinay Scandal by Catzie
7. Pinay Scandal by Jehzeel Laurente
8. Pinay Scandals: Earning Big Bucks? by Nika
9. Pinay Scandal by Heart
10. Looking For Pinay Scandals?! by Eli
11. Pinay Scandal by Eligio
12. Pinay Scandal by Stentorized
13. Pinay Scandal by Caryl
14. Pinay Scandal o Iskandalosang Pinay by Kengkay
15. Pinay Scandal by Hazel
16. Pinay Scandal by Baby Face
17. Pinay Scandal Story by Pinoy Ambisyoso
18. Pinay Scandal by Kenneth
19. Pinay Scandal by JoanJoyce
20. Pinay Scandal, Anyone? by MyGlitch
21. Pinay Scandal Here by Jojitah
22. “Pinay Scandal” Idea by Neil
23. Pinay Scandal… In The Mind Of Pinays by Marikenya
24. The Pinay Scandal - Most Outrageous and Raw Scandal by Chuva
25. Pinoy Scandal Survivor No. 1 Proud Filipina: Julie Borje by Marikenya
26. Pinay Scandal by Chuvaness
27. The Best of Pinay Scandals by Rhodilee
28. Pinay Scandal by Che
29. Pinay Scandal by JeanGrey
30. Pinay Scandal Revealed! by Glitchline
31. Pinay Scandal on the Web by Philippine Elections 2007
32. Pinay Scandal, Let’s Play The Trend by Selaplana
33. The Hottest Pinay Scandals by iRonnie
34. Blog About Filipina, Pinay Scandal And Vedio by Allen
35. Pinay Scandal Video by Ronald Mojica
36. Pinay Scandal by Paulyn
37. Pinay Scandal Videos by Mi
38. Pinay Scandals by Rhyannefranz
39. Pinay Scandal Revealed! by Mesothelioma Info
40. Pinay Scandal or Pinay Sex Scandal SEO Project by Lestat
41. Pinay Scandal Here by Ronald
42. Sendal Videos Sell by Blogging Pinay
43. Pinay Scandal / Pnx And Pinay Scaay Scandal: 18 Above Only by Ceefive
44. Pinay Scandal Me by Marlene
45. Pinay Scandal in Baguio City by Reyna Elena
46. Pinay Scandal, Performing In Bubbles by Kotsengkuba


myglitch said...

Thanks for joining!

kukote said...

hi! marhgil here of kindly delete (Pinay Scandal by Heart) on the list. Just check his website to know why. Thanks!

diwata said...

okay i will.

Pinoy-Am said...

Welcome to the group! Yeah you're right! This is really an amazing experiment. You know it why. :-)

Nhoel said...

Hi, pajoin naman po sa SEO contest, here's mine.

salamat po ng marami !
-Nhoel of